Education/Newsletter/August 2014/U.S. and Canada Program Spring 2014 wrap-up


By Jami Mathewson (Wiki Education Foundation) and LiAnna Davis (Wiki Education Foundation)

The Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) has completed its first full term of supporting the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada and seeks to expand our reach to more universities and more student editors. We will spend the next several months expanding our support infrastructure so we can maintain our positive impact on Wikipedia and on student learning outcomes once we bring more student editors into the program. Jami will work to expand partnerships and train campus professionals, and LiAnna will oversee our planning and evaluation to measure our impact. We have also posted two new part-time jobs for Wikipedia Content Experts in the humanities and sciences, so we can provide better oversight for the contributions to Wikipedia.

Wiki Ed has published its statistics and information about student editors' contributions to the English Wikipedia in the Spring 2014 term from the United States and Canada program, which can be seen in this blog post. Student editors in 65 courses added the equivalent of 7,300 printed pages to the English Wikipedia, and a lot of the content improved Wikipedia's depth of coverage for underrepresented topics. Wiki Ed prioritizes impact and outcomes, and we are extremely happy that the articles improved by our student editors have already been viewed by 96 million readers who seek this knowledge.

After seeing such positive outcomes from this previous term, we look forward to the work from student editors as the program grows to more instructors and universities in United States and Canada!