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Some of the attendees at the EduWiki 2014 Conference in Edinburgh

By Toni Sant (Wikimedia UK - Education Organiser)

Snippet: Wikimedia UK held its 3rd EduWiki Conference in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh on Friday 31 October 2014.

EduWiki is an annual conference organized by Wikimedia UK focusing on Education projects. The conference aims at raising the awareness of the use of Wikipedia and its sister projects in education and Wikimedia UK's engagement in academia. Following the 3rd successful round of EduWiki Conference in UK, EduWiki 2014, we are happy to share the following facts and numbers:

80 people registered for this one-day event.
61 registered delegates attended (51 male / 17 female)
23 delegates work in educational institutions in the UK (have email addresses ending in
15 students from the University of Stirling registered to attend; 10 showed up.
15 members of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative were present for at least part of the event
12 delegates declared their Wikipedia/Wikimedia username at registration.
Non-UK delegates traveled from 9 countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Israel, Serbia, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, USA.

Feedback from participants is being gathered and this will be circulated in time for the next edition of this Education Newsletter in January. CETIS Assistant Director Lorna M Campbell wrote an informative review of the event too.

Further details about the 2014 EduWiki Conference can be seen on the event page on Wikimedia UK.

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