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First Wiki Club in Macedonia


By Violetova (UG GLAM Macedonia)

All together in the end of the first day of Wiki Club session in the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje

Snippet: The First Wiki Club in Macedonia started on 19th October 2016

GLAM Macedonia started a collaboration with the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje, which results with starting a First Wiki Club in Macedonia. The first session and the opening event happen on 19th October 2016. After three sessions, we have 22 students coming from 4 schools from Skopje, all coming from different part of the city, most of them by bus, using their free time. We are going with "baby steps" for now, and we are struggling for computers there: first day we worked with only two laptop computers. After Violetova's appearance in one famous TV Show, where she spoke about Wikipedia and Wiki Club in particular, she asked audience for donation of used computers. Till now, we received as a donation 5 used computers (desktop), but only one is a set: with monitor, mouse, keyboard, and USB WiFi adapter. We hope that we will find a way to complete the other desktop computers.

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