Education/Newsletter/February 2015/Armenian students contribute more than 300,000 bytes to Armenian Wiktionary in a month

Wikipedia sunrise in Arevatsag WikiClub

By Lilit Tarkhanyan (WM AM)

Snippet: Armenian students contribute more than 300,000 bytes of content to Armenian Wiktionary in under a month!

Many workshops are organized through the Wikipedia Education Program in Armenian high schools to involve more students in editing Wikimedia projects. During the program, Wikimedia Armenia noticed that not all of the students easily learn Wikipedia editing techniques or are able to write an article that meets the project's rules (encyclopedic style, etc.). As their wish to edit Wikipedia and its sister projects is enormous, we decided to involve these students in Wiktionary instead because it's easier to edit it for a newbie. After the students gain enough skills, then they can move on to Wikipedia. With this project, we were able to make editing Wikimedia projects available to any Armenian student.

The Wikisun rose in the village of Arevatsag, which is translated as "sunrise". Why Arevatsag village? Arpine is one of Armenian Wikipedia editors who live there and she is an Armenian language and literature teacher in the village school. With WM AM support, a WikiClub was opened in January in Arevatsag where Arpine gathered her students to teach them how to edit Wiktionary. We had only about 3,000 Armenian words in Wiktionary and we decided to improve them first and then create new ones. The students began editing with great enthusiasm!

The Sunrise WikiClub (in Armenian: Արևածագի վիքիակումբ) in under 1 month, between January 12 and February 5 2015, has contributed a remarkable amount of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this WikiClub! 36 students improved 256 articles, made 745 edits, and added 308 038 bytes of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this Education program. Statistics for the project so far are shown here.

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