Education/Newsletter/January 2015/Pilot Wikipedia Education Program in Syria

By Ahmed Ahmed (Wikipedia Education Program Syria)

Proposed logo for Wikipedia Education Program Syria

Snippet: Wikipedians in Syria launch a pilot edition of Wikipedia Education Program in local institutions

Local institutions in Syria, including the Syrian Wikipedian Foundation, represented by Wikipedia Ambassador Ahmed Ahmed, and the Syrian Researchers Initiative, headed by Dr. Muhannad Malek and represented by Ahmed Hassan, seek to develop free Arabic content on Wikipedia. They agreed on starting a pilot initiative to enrich the Arabic content on Wikipedia and training students on basic editing techniques. The project will aim at creating 400 new articles in two terms. The first term starts on March 1 and ends on April 1, 2015 while the second will start in April through July.

During the first term, the initiative will focus on creating new articles in different fields like Syrian monuments, people, society and other different fields. One of the objectives of this project is raising the number of users who read Wikipedia in the Arab Republic of Syria given the current unstable situation of the country. In the second term, participants will concentrate on the scientific content in particular. At the end of the terms, students will get certificates signed by the two supporting institutions with simple prizes to encourage those who had special contributions

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