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Του Shai Katz (Wikimedia Israel)

An expert panel at the Wiki Academy conference

Snippet: An annual conference and the visit of WMF guests contributes to the expansion WMIL'S educational program

Wikimedia Israel (WMIL) held its seventh Wiki Academy conference. This year, the topic of the conference was integrating Wikipedia in Israel's education system. The conference was attended approximately 100 Israeli teachers and key figures from the fields of education and academia. In addition, it was honored by the presence of Lila Tretikov, the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation as well as Katherine Maher Chief Communications Officer, and Tighe Flanagan, Wikipedia Education Program Manager for Middle East & Africa.

Tighe Flanagan meets WMIL's education team

The conference and the visit aimed at expanding WMIL's educational activities and strengthening the collaboration between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Chapter in Education-related matters. Tighe met with volunteers who carry out a variety of education and training initiatives in WMIL, and visited different university campuses in order to meet with students and professors who participate in these projects. One of the most interesting meetings had to do with Arabic Wikipedia editing and included Dr. Sharon Halevi – head of the Gender Studies Program, Arabic speaking female students of the program, and Hana Yariv who provides voluntary assistance to their WMIL project. Tighe's knowledge in the field of Arabic Wikipedia was a good addition to the meeting. He also used his ties with Arabic speaking Wikipedians to help interested students connect with them so that they can provide help and support in Wikipedia article editing. The meeting resulted in a decision to attempt forming a group that would get together on a monthly basis and foster new Arabic Wikipedia Editors.

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