Education/Newsletter/June 2014/Sanothimi Campus celebrates 12 years of Nepali Wikipedia

College students learn about Wikipedia at Sanothimi Campus in Bhaktapur, Nepal
Nepali Wikipedia's 12th anniversary cake party

By Prakash Neupane (Wikimedia Nepal)

In honor of the 12th anniversary of Nepali Wikipedia, Wimkedia Nepal held a one-day Wikipedia Education Programme at Sanothimi Campus in Bhaktapur, Nepal. 100 participants were there for celebration and 80 Nepali college students got familiar with Wikipedia, which has good potential for Wikipedia Education Program.

This year, Nepali Wikipedia entered into it's teenage, and celebrated it's 12th anniversary as a national event at Sanothimi Campus on the 3rd of June 2014.

A whole day programme was organized in Sanothimi Campus to mark the special day. Wikipedia began in Nepal in 3rd June, 2002 with Nepali Wikipedia.

In the past 12 years, more than 25,000 articles are created in only nepali wikipedia, more than 16 thousand users are registered among them 125 are active every month. Nepali Wikipedia has 12 sysops and 4 bureaucrats.

On this occasion, a 3-hour editation was conducted for two different groups of people. Each group had approximately 40 participants and were categorised by Bachelor and Master level students. Before this, a short session on Wiki School was conducted, where students briefed about wikipedia, wikimedia and wikipedia education program. This group is good scope for Wikipedia Education Program, and so We are creating the environment for it.

The editathon was followed by Wiki Vichar. Wiki Vichar is about bringing thoughts and opinion about Wikipedia from different people. We know different people have different contemplations about Wikipedia, so in Wiki Vichar, we bring these views to floor — especially how teachers feel, how students feel and how college administration feels. Many different speakers shared their views on Wikipedia.

Mr. Ganesh Poudel, President of Wikimedia Nepal, presented the program report of the last year. And finally our guest, Ms. Sulochana Manandhar Dhital, Academician at the Nepal Academy and Advisor of the Nepali Wikipedia Community, inaugurated the cake party by cutting the cake.