Education/Newsletter/June 2014/Update on the education portal

Outreach wiki Education portal main page image

By Anna Koval (Wikimedia Foundation) and Sage Ross (Wiki Education Foundation)

The WMF education team in collaboration with the Education Coop, have been working hard on reforging the Education portal here on Outreach wiki. We’re now at a place where we think it’s in a much more workable (and prettier) state.

There is additional information about the re-organization of information on the Education portal's talk page.

To recap, this work began in January of this year with Sage Ross's consolidation of the contents of several other portals and wikis.

I will be picking up where Sage left off since he has left the Wikimedia Foundation and has joined the Wiki Education Foundation.

We tried to strike a balance between (1) arranging all of the information in the portal in a coherent way so that people can find exactly what they are looking for, and (2) making it easy for people to jump in and find the most relevant things for them, even if they don’t already know just what they are looking for.

The education portal is organized almost exclusively via a handful of navigation templates that are all based on Template:Navigation. It is relatively easy to reorganize the pages into different tabs and subtabs by changing these templates, without needing to move the pages themselves. I am happy to help with any further changes that are needed.

In terms of "What's Next?" well that's kind of up to all of us. :) Content development is crucial. There are number of pages that still say {{under construction}} or are completely blank. Reorganization is possible. If the current structure doesn't function well for us, we'll revisit and revise it. Let's consider this to be v.1.0 and go forward together from here. :)

We welcome feedback on the work done to date! You can leave comments, questions or suggestions at Talk:Education#Update on the education portal.