Education/Newsletter/June 2015/Argentina contributes to a massive cross-border course of free knowledge in Spanish-speaking countries

By Melina Masnatta (WM AR)

Snippet: Argentina joins the efforts of more than 300 educators around the world in a course aiming at raising the the awareness toward Wikipedia in Education.


Bridges Between education, digital and free cultures is an online course WIkimedia Argentina co-organized with Latin American Network of Educational Portals (RELPE). 300 educators from Spanish-speaking countries participated in the eight-week course aiming at developing strategies to integrate Wikipedia in Education. See the global map of participants here. The group was able to develop different resources for the Wikipedia Education Program in Argentina.

Participants worked on developing references to help the program in-class training calling them: Wikireferences. A Wikireference is a digital library containing research materials, articles, news on Wikipedia in education. Four groups of references came out of this new experience: Wikireferencias, grupo A , Wikireferencias, grupo B, Wikireferencias, grupo C , Wikireferencias, grupo D. Attendees also tried their hands on different Wikimedia projects by doing several activities like collecting quotes about education from Wikiquote. See the collection here. In a new and creative way of collecting feedback about working on the Wikimedia projects, educators worked on adding their views to a group of flash cards.

Educators find it somehow challenging to convey all what they learned to a new generation of editors in their classes. They believe that anyone who gets to understand how Wikipedia works and how important it is, will not stop editing. Most of the Wikipedia ambassadors moderating the online course this year were students in the same project last year. Nearly 300 ambassadors helped with project coordination.

Watch a video summarizing the course activities on Youtube.

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Argentina here.