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Un kit pédagogique pour utiliser Wikipedia en classe (in French)
Wikimedia France has recently published an educational kit for educators to use the education program. Wikipedia could be popular among students just like Facebook and Instagram. But beyond just "copying and pasting" from articles, there is also a learning aspect to the Wikipedia articles for high school students. How the vast amount of knowledge preserved in Wikipedia could be better utilized?
Celebrating 13 years of the Kannada-language Wikipedia
Kannada Wikipedia celebrated its 13th anniversary on February 14 in Mangalore. Kannada Wikipedians gathered at Saint Aloysius College, Mangaluru. Many contributions are thanks to major outreach by the Wikipedia Education Program at Christ University.
Science Students Are Writing Wikipedia Articles Instead of Term Papers
Seeking to fill content gaps in Wikipedia's coverage of science, specifically women in science, the Wiki Education Foundation continues its Year of Science 2016, with university science students in the U.S. and Canada writing Wikipedia articles instead of term papers.