Education/Newsletter/November 2014/Iberoconf discusses Wikipedia in education

By Samir Elsharbaty (WMF)

Group photo for the participants of Iberoconf

Snippet: Iberoconf, the fourth Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit, gathered Wikimedians from across the globe to develop regional programs and projects with special attention to Wikipedia in Education.

Iberoconf is the annual conference of Ibero-American Chapters of Iberocoop, the regional cooperation initiative for Ibero-America. The purpose of Iberocoop and its annual conference is having the space to exchange experiences and share views on planning and implementing local and regional projects to support the wiki movement. The initiative also aims at solidifying the presence of the Wikimedia movement in Latin America. This year the members of Iberocoop gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 3 days to continue their efforts as an integrated cooperation network supporting the projects of its affiliates.

This year, the conference gave special attention to Wikipedia in education, aiming at improving skills in project management in order to design a strategy on education with a plan to support a regional education program. The conference included a presentation about Wikipedia Education Program presented by Floor Koudijs, senior manager of the program at the Wikimedia Foundation, other presentations and workshops about the Education Program in the University of Buenos Aires and the experience of Wikipedia Education Program presented by the Argentinean and Mexican local chapters and finally a workshop about Iberocoop joint Educational Program.

The conference was attended by several volunteers and representatives of local chapters and user groups in Ibero-America and four Wikimedia Foundation Staff who attended for help and support (Floor Koudijs, Asaf Bartov, María Cruz and Edward Galves).

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