Education/Newsletter/September 2014/Digital agenda for education and open badges to be tested

By Sara Mörtsell (Wikimedia Sweden)

Wikimedia Sweden was invited to take part in a workshop arranged by The Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities in order to take steps towards setting a digital agenda for education policy and practice in the Stockholm County. There was great interest in how knowledge sharing and openness can benefit education in the region on all levels, from classroom to administration.

August also meant continued work on designing an open badge system for educators and students involved in the Education Program. At this early stage, the system i set up by one main badge which is composed by three sets of skills (for students) and three key tasks (for teachers). Student badges are green and teacher badges are blue and as visual representations they enhance the process of assigning students to edit Wikipedia, which is discussed in this blogpost (Swedish) and a brief English translation can be found here. These badges will be tested in coming activities for feedback from the earners on how the system can be improved.