Education/Newsletter/September 2014/Most successful Czech course continues again this year

By Vojtěch Dostál (Wikimedia Czech Republic)

"Elementary Law" became the most successful course of the Czech education program (Students Write Wikipedia) in the school year 2013/2014. More than 70 students added 394 566 bytes of information, did 953 edits and created 24 new pages while editing many others. The course was taught by Daniel Barton for his students from Charles University and the High School of Theology and Social Law. The results of the course, analyzed by Wikimetrics app, show how big the impact of a course can be, given there is effort on both sides - on the side of Wikipedia (with lots of volunteers helping students and the teacher) and on the side of students (who worked hard to write their first Wikipedia entries). The good news is that the course is about to continue in the upcoming school year with a promise of many new and improved articles on social law.