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This is a Nigeria program which works with schools in the development and improvement of encyclopedic entries on Wikipedia. Members of our team are Wikipedians and we have been collaborating with universities across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria to improve the encyclopedia.


  • Teach students to contribute high quality encyclopedic articles to wikipedia
  • Enrich both Wikipedia and school hours
  • Introduce thousands of Nigerian youths and academics to Wikipedia
  • Find new Wikipedians to enrich the group of current editors of Wikipedia.
  • establishing a connection between schools, the community of Wikipedia and Wikimedia around the world including the ability to make meetings, on-line and possibly even live, with teachers and students during which present Wikipedia exposing the objectives



"Ambassador" is our concept of a designation for a person who facilitates communication between Wikipedia and any educational institution and builds cooperation between them.

  • Teachers develop (together with Wikipedians) list of articles from which each student selects one such article and the available resources to it.
  • Teachers will generally see the Wikipedia article as an equivalent to a term paper and articles should therefore become a condition for granting credit to the students.