Education/Newsletter/April 2013/Wikiversity and Moodle

Moodle is a free and open source learning management system (LMS). James Neill has made some valuable contributions about how Moodle can be used in conjunction with Wikiversity as a platform for open education. To minimise the need for exporting/importing content from one learning management system (LMS) class site to another and then to another institution Wikiversity may be used as an open educational content repository.

A moodle-plugin has been developed by Jan Luca (German Wikiversity) to include content into Moodle hosted on Wikiversity by using a simple tag: [Include-WV]<URL>[/Include-WV]. The plug-in can be tested on For further information contact Jan Luca or Wvk. This move is part of an initiative to restart German Wikiversity that seeks to invite new contributors to the project.