Education/Newsletter/February 2014/Wiki Borregos begin Spring 2014 projects

The Wiki Borregos student group is for students at Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus to organize efforts to improve coverage of Mexico and information in Spanish in general. Many of the students are those participating in community service requirements, such as CAS for the International Baccalaureate program or "servicio social" required of all Mexican undergraduate students. This semester we have grown from 11 to 26 participants, most new to Wikipedia. Many were attracted to the project not only for its flexible hours and freedom to choose projects, but also the fact that their efforts will result in content that will be used by the outside world. Orientation began on 28 January, and new community service students are required to complete fifteen hours of face-to-face training, conducted at the campus library and the school's self-access language laboratory. After this point, students are able to create project proposals to work on their own, negotiating hours of credit for the particular job and receiving that credit upon satisfactory completion of the work. Most students are interested in translation (mostly English to Spanish) and article creation but there are those with interests in photography, illustration, video and even digital animation. As a student organization we have planned events for the campus as well. The group has a website in meta. Documentation of the current semester's activities can be seen here

Wiki Borregos Spring 2014