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Analysis of student motivations in First Monday

In their new article published in First Monday, Wikipedia researchers Amy Roth, Rochelle Davis and Brian Carver take a close look at the issue of student engagement with Wikipedia assignments. The analysis is based on research each of them did independently during during 2010 and 2011, and all of the data points in same direction: students are more engaged in Wikipedia writing assignments than conventional term papers. Read more in "Assigning Wikipedia editing: Triangulation toward understanding student engagement".

Wikipedia editing workshop at the School of Mathematics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
In Greece, students build medicine and math articles

Student editors at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) have been contributing to Greek Wikipedia for three years now. What started with the postgraduate Web Science program has expanded to undergraduates in the Medical School and the School of Mathematics, with students translating high quality articles from English to Greek. To date, more than 200 hundred students at AUTH have worked on Wikipedia. Read more about the growing education program on Greek Wikipedia.

UCLA labor historian tries a Wikipedia assignment

The Daily Bruin takes a look at how Tobias Higbie, associate processor of history, used Wikipedia in his American Working Class Movements course. It was the first UCLA course to participate in the Wikipedia Education Program, but from what the students and professor Higbie are saying, it probably won't be the last. Read more about Higbie's first Wikipedia assignment.

Communications students reflect on assignment
Mary Grace Antony

At Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas, students of professor Mary Grace Antony — another first-time participant in the Wikipedia Education Program — are also reporting a great experience with their Wikipedia assignments. In Antony's New Media Technology and Communication course, students worked closely with Campus Ambassador Dan Simanek and Online Ambassador Theopolisme to expand existing Wikipedia articles. Read more about what Antony's students got out of their assignment.

Suggestions offered for starting education program
Students Write Wikipedia - lecture, Faculty of Science, Prague 2012

Vojtěch Dostál of Wikimedia Czech Republic authored a post for the Wikimedia blog detailing his suggestions for starting an education program for small chapters. Based on the experiences he and his fellow Wikimedia Czech Republic colleagues have had in getting their highly successful program off the ground, the post offers great advice for any small group of individuals who want to start educational efforts on their language Wikipedia. Read the post.

Swedish students contribute to articles on parasites
Linnaeus University's learning resources center

Students at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, have been contributing to the Swedish Wikipedia since 2011. Staff members at the learning resources center have formed a team that helps students learn the basics of Wikipedia editing, and the results has been a number of articles about parasites on the Swedish Wikipedia from students who are studying to become biomedical health practitioners. Read more about their project.

Report on educational activities in Germany

The Education Department of Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) has published an extensive report on its educational activities from 2010-2012, focussing on various target groups. Read more here.