Education/Newsletter/March 2014/Wikimedia Deutschland: Summary of activities in February 2014

Grenzen überschreiten: Digitale Geisteswissenschaft (Crossing Borders: digital humanities)

On 28 February 2014 the Freie Universität Berlin hosted the workshop Grenzen überschreiten – Digitale Geisteswissenschaft heute und morgen (crossing borders - digital humanities today and tomorrow). Wikimedia Deutschland participated in the context of the Science Year 2014 - “Digital Society” with a presentation about the research and development project "Diversity for Wikipedia" that we launched in cooperation with the Gender and Technology Center of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. It aims to develop approaches to solving the problem of the unequal gender distribution in Wikipedia. The workshop brought together leading scientific institutions from Berlin in order to discuss how methods, infrastructures and organizations in Berlin could be connected through the interdisciplinary field of digital humanities. The main focus was on the dialogue about how to connect and collaborate with decision makers of selected institutions in order to discuss scientific, technical and institutional concerns. The project is supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and will be realised in collaboration with the Interdisziplinärer Forschungsverbund Digital Humanities in Berlin.

cMOOC initiative of the German speaking chapters

In February all partners and participants of the project met in the Wikimedia Deutschland office to exchange ideas with Wikimedia Österreich und Wikimedia CH about our plan to establish open online- meetings in order to improve social processes in Wikipedia. In the upcoming weeks we will focus on the further conception of these online-meetings.