Education/Newsletter/May 2013/Principles of radiation astronomy in Wikiversity

Principles of radiation astronomy is a college-level unit of study. The unit focuses on the fundamental concepts behind using radiation as an astronomical probe. Learn how to combine observation with theory for a better understanding of the universe. Course materials and activities begin at the secondary level, include undergraduate college-level, and take you into state-of-the-art research, some on-going at Wikiversity.

The aurorae of the planet Uranus are in line with its equatorial rings. Credit: NASA, ESA, and L. Lamy (Observatory of Paris, CNRS, CNES).

The course is presented by Marshallsumter and other editors and educators at Wikiversity. I have an active interest in Astronomy and ongoing original research at Wikiversity in the field. Presenting this course benefits the research by establishing the state-of-the-art, or state-of-the-science, at the cutting edge. I can be reached at my discussion page.