Education/Newsletter/May 2013/Wikiversity-Moodle project is moving on

Moodle integration with Wikiversity is moving ahead, as User:Jan Luca has activated all languages Wikiversity is available in at his Moodle install on Wikimedia Labs. This means that all Wikiversity language versions now can use Moodle for organising courses. A co-operation with will follow soon. Everyone interested may now create a course in Wikimedia Labs Moodle in any language available in order to test the system. Sysops from Wikiversity language versions should please have a look into the material gathered together there for QA reasons and for spam prevention.

The plugin is currently being tested for approval by the Moodle community, but is is already said to be running all right. User:Birkenkrahe who uses English and German Wikiversity for his courses in Economics reports the plugin is working fine with his personal Moodle, too. So it does provide a universal bridge between MediaWiki and Moodle installations.

The British and the Israeli Wikimedia Chapters have shown interest in developments for their own education programmes. Wikimedia UK aims at building a Virtual Learning Environment that uses Moodle, while Wikimedia Israel has also indicated interest in using Moodle with MediaWiki in his own outreach programme for seting up MOOCs in Hebrew, Arabic, and Adyghe for large groups of students and teachers.

On the other hand, User:Clancer, following events on Bugzilla, has begun developing a MediaWiki extension that takes the other way round by allowing MediaWiki users to display information about Moodle courses inside a MediaWiki. The project may be part of Google Summer of Code 2013.