Education/Newsletter/October 2013/Two project starts in October for Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City campus

October sees the start of two projects at the Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City campus. The first is an effort to professionally record pronunciations of Mexican place and people names for the various language Wikipedias. Special effort is going into states, major cities, historical figures and the boroughs of Mexico City along with names derived from the indigenous language such as Nahuatl. This project takes advantage of the campus’s sound recording studios as well as the technical talents of Natalia0893 who is studying digital music production engineering. Voices are being provided by other campus Wikipedians. Recordings can be heard here

Natalia0893 sets up equipment for the first recording session

The second project is the second edition of Day of the Dead Wiki style photo contest. Last year’s contest garnered over 400 photographs, mostly from the Mexico City area. Learning from our past experience, some changes were made in the contest such as adding the quality of descriptions to the judging criteria as well as scheduling two “upload-a-thons” to encourage more students to participate for the first time. This year, the event is co sponsored by the campus library and the newly recognized student club “Wiki Borregos” (rams), which allows us to promote the contest through academic and student life channels. The official contest page is here ] (in Spanish)