GLAM/Newsletter/August 2011/Contents/Germany report

By Peter Weis

Hamburg museum content donation begins

Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte - New GLAM Partner


Starting with a first contact in December 2010, the cooperation with the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte has reached the stage of content upload in June 2011. The museum's donation features 312 media files on the restoration of an Hamburgian country house of the early 20th century. This donation is a first pilot - depending on its success future projects will follow. As part of this cooperation a photoworkshop was held to increase the theoretical and practical photography skills as well as photograph selected items of the museum.

The donated collection features floorplans, photographs, paintings of the country house and pictures taken in the procress of conservation-restoration. A special highlight are seven restoration reports which contain detailed information on selected items. These reports are written in German and provided under a free license.

The next milestone will be the insertion of images in our articles, the categorisation of these images and the creation of new articles covering the project. For more information see the cooperation page.

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