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By Magnus Sälgö

Europeana Entity P7704


see Phabricator Europeana Graph

  1. Wikidata property P7704 is created and > 160 000 artists(agents) has been matched with Wikidata see T240290
  2. Places and concepts has not been matched yet (I am not convinced that the Europeana approach is the best using geonames). As Europeana starts looking into AI and ML I guess this Europeana Entity API also needs to expand to include semantics for describing what a picture/object depicts and not as today just the artist and location...
  3. I can also see that working with Things(entities) instead of strings need change management between plattforms. Example of metadatadebt:
    1. Europeana reference Wikidata > 1200 deleted WD objects see T240738
    2. I see no version history at Europeana and change management tools for coordinate problems between platforms see T240809 were it looks like Europeana has matched objects created by "Gunnar Wennerberg" to Q1388588 that I guess is created by Q6339160
    3. Europeana also needs a workflow of creating new Agents like Q6339160 and Wikidata need a change stream from Europeana so we can update Wikidata
      1. Example People who's works are likely in the public domain 2020 - I guess most of those peoples should be an entity in Europeana
        1. search for people who died in 1949 sorted by number of Wiki articles (linkcount) and if they have an Europeana Entity

My believe is that Wikidata <-> Europeana has a huge potential now when they get stable persistent entities.... If someone could help Europeana define change management and define how Europeana and Wikidata better can corporate that would be excellent... The most intresting part in this equation I feel is if Wikidata creates new properties for archives and museums and starts to match them using OpenRefine / Mix'n'match then Europeana could use this Wikidata information to match the Europeana objects to the right person easier so we avoid things like T240809. What I have seen in Sweden is that Linked data is not mature and archives still 2019 have no good change management and are moving around text strings which just will end in chaos... Hopefully Wikipedia with its visibility and Europeana with its resources could change this equation a little bit... I guess the key component is better understanding for data driven culture data.... - Salgo60 (talk) 00:38, 20 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Using Wikidata as a hub for linking Europeana


Below the benefits when Wikidata has "matched" more collections and has matched Europeana how a collection doesnt need to know the Europeana entity and instead just can ask Wikidata to redirect to Europeana

this hub concept has been used for over a year at a genealogy site Family Search see T200515 to use Wikidata for linking to Open Street map, free Swedish Church books, Swedish Wikipedia. The only change needed at Family Search was changing 5 lines in a template to get > 1000 pages with the above links... using Wikidata as a knowledgehub

Wikipedia Templates -> Europeana


Task T241677 "Europeana Wiki templates in more language versions" A template was created using Wikidata Europeana property on sv:Wikipedia see link and also on en:Wikipedia more languages is needed

    • As Wiki is a very good brand this tight connection Europeana Wikidata/Wikicommons/Wikipedia will make it easier for museums to understand what "same as" means....

A local museums can do a search in Google and get a Wikipedia hit and use the article name or Wikidata Q number or even find the Europeana agent id and when uploading to Europeana add the correct agent id --> they will also directly see if they find the item they have uploaded when following the Europeana link in the Wikipedia article...

Views on Europeana -> Wikipedia articles

* en:Wikipedia profiles connected to Europeana = 234

Europeana seems like a good initiative, but so far with seriously flawed results, and as such should not be template-linked from our articles see blogpost


Quality of Europeana matches?

My understanding is that the Europeana Entities is a copy of dbpedia and then you have started to match uploaded items with the created entities. I have reported some errors to you and also to Swedish institutions delivering to Europeana. I have also got feedback on en:Wikipedia "29 Europeana Collections" that the quality is not good enough see link i.e. we need better tools for tracking quality and issues reported please join the discussion as quality and trust is important.

First impression I received on en:Wikipedia

Overall, it appears to be considerably worse than useless. 

I think we need to create trust between Europeana and the Wikipedia communities. Key components I think is

  • have welldefined change management see T240809
  • easy way of reporting issues at one place' and get one unique helpdesk id see more issues I have found in Swedish sources
Tools Petscan check WD <-> Europeana

As we now have nearly all Europeana agents in Wikidata we can use Wikipedia and check

Video link

The Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre Archive P7574


Wikidata Property P7574 has been created and matched > 1500 times to Wikidata see T222515 We can now easy see what plays a person played in... next step can be that we add plays to Wikidata...

Wikidata is the enabler for getting rid of Swedish culture SILOS


The Swedish Literature Bank Wikidata P5101 is a great resource in Sweden for classic scanned books and has 2 Wikidata properties P5101 and P5123. Now they have started to use Wikidata to create links back to Wikipedia and also to the Swedish National Archive SBL see T237801#5708984 and they internally store the Wikidata ID see T238932

Uppsala University Alvin database P6821


is now a Wikidata property P6821 see T225522 as Alvin has grouped objects per people, places and organisation and this has been matched > 7000 times with Wikidata. As Wikidata now has Europeana Entity P7704 this matching can be used in Europeana to connect objects to the correct Europeana Entity for a person