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Create a place where a GLAM can batch upload their own multimedia items and associated metadata for review/improvement/removal before publishing live to Commons.


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Toolset project


A project has been started to address this request. See GLAM/Toolset_project for updates and discussions for this project.

Use Cases

  • "...Why not a simple interface where I can upload as many files as possible in one go from my computer (open a folder and upload, like in Wordpress or Flickr)"

Feature requests

  • institutional log-in accounts
  • accept data in multiple formats but output in Commons-standard format
  • allow mass categorisation/tagging/licensing/captioning
  • allow Commons admins to review before publishing
  • allow tracking/export of usage/change data - see Metrics request.

Past discussions/ideas


The main problem for GLAM mass uploads is the so-called metadata ingestion, i.e. the transfer of any metadata about the files from the medium and format they are in to something suitable for Commons and its templates and categories (data and metadata are then very easy to upload via scripts). Institutions obviously don't want to remake their (meta)database from scratch or by hand, and Commons users shouldn't be left with too many errors to fix.

The uploading tool wouldn't solve the problem that Commons doesn't actually handle metadata hence they'll be mostly wasted (see strategy:Proposal:Dublin Core), although with some effort they can be reused and fixed (see Bundesarchiv).