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An embeddable Widget for 3rd party websites to display Wikipedia articles or Commons categories built on the MediaWiki API.


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It works! Magnus' tool:

Use cases


"A Wikipedia widget that can be used on websites to direct people to that [museum's] object's article in Wikipedia. Something more than just a link, but a box that may have the main article image, the name, and perhaps the introduction."

"the [museum] webmaster wants to create content pages and refer to Wikipedia articles and photos of objects that Wikimedians have photographed in the Museum"


  • easily copyable code into the third party website - e.g. YouTube's "embed this video" code.
  • modifiable display elements: article title, length of displayed text, headline image, number of images (commons category)
  • Include attribution to article & Wikipedia, copyright license link.
  • Allow stable version (to a specific Diff) or live version (current article).