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  • Tighe Flanagan, Arab World Program Manager (WMF)
  • Dr. Nidal Yousef, Professor from Isra University, education program leader (Jordan)
  • Dr. Mohammed Alghbban, General Supervisor for Wikipedia-Arabic Translation Project (KSU)
  • Dr. Sami Bin Slimah, (KSU)
  • Osama Khalid, Arabic Wikipedian and Campus Ambassador (KSU/KSAU-HS)


King Saud University (KSU)

1- College of Languages & Translation (KSU-COLT)

  • Our primary host with an active Wikipedia Tranining Center for Translation.

2- College for Health Sciences (KSU-HS)

  • Interested in starting a Wikipedia program with a health/medical focus
  • Main contact: Osama Khalid


Saturday, 2 November 2013Edit

Arrive to Riyadh
  • Tighe and Dr. Nidal arrive to Riyadh on Saturday
  • Prep for meetings and workshop

Sunday, 3 November 2013Edit

Presentation on the Wikipedia Education Program
  • Global program background
  • Arab world activities
Meetings (informal/formal) at KSU

Monday, 4 November 2013Edit

Workshop, day 1

draft agenda

Tuesday, 5 November 2013Edit

Workshop, day 2

draft agenda

Wednesday, 6 November 2013Edit

Presentation on Arabic Wikipedia and Health
  • Arabic Wikipedia presentation, but focus on health topics (stats, etc.)
Meetings (informal/formal) at KSA-HS

Thursday, 7 November 2013Edit

Depart from Riyadh



Dr. Mohammed from KSU is arranging for visas for Tighe and Dr. Nidal

  • Tighe will pick up his visa in Washington, DC if before October 26, otherwise in Doha, Qatar.
  • Dr. Nidal will pick up his visa in Amman, Jordan.


Flights for 2 November (arriving to Riyadh)
Traveler Departing Arriving Flight Info
Tighe Flanagan Doha, Qatar (DOH) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH) TBD
Nidal Yousef Amman, Jordan (AMM) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH) TBD
  • Tighe will be coming from the WISE Summit in Doha
Flights for 7 November (departing from Riyadh)
Traveler Departing Arriving Flight Info
Tighe Flanagan Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH) Amman, Jordan (AMM) TBD
Nidal Yousef Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH) Amman, Jordan (AMM) TBD
  • Tighe and Dr. Nidal will travel back together for meetings and a workshop in Jordan the following week