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Festival Cervantino Project edit

From the first editing session
One of the first donated images, from Emplume
File:Kasper tranberg 300 258.jpg
Image of Kasper Tranberg donated by Pierre Dørge and the New Jungle Orchestra

This is a project designed to promote the en:Festival Internacional Cervantino one of the most important in Mexico. Goals include improving the Festival's page in English and Spanish, putting it in other languages if possible and to write/translate articles about as many of the artists of the 2011 version as possible in both English and Spanish.

To date, the project has created/translated the following pages: in English: en:European Festival Association, en:Oslo Camerata, en:The Anglo Mexican Foundation, en:Schlachthofbronx, en:Vivarium Studio, en:Circo Aereo, en:Les Objets Volants, en:Antonio Salinas, en:La Cebra Danza Gay, en:National Theater Company of Mexico, en:Åke Parmerud, en:Angereds Teater, en:Big Band Jazz de México, en:Hugo Ticciati, en:Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, en:Beta Collide, en:Michael Tsalka, en:Mexcaltitán Ballet, en:Armonicus Cuatro, en:Guadalupe Pineda, en:Laleget Danza, en:Sounds of Mexico, en:China Gansu Provincial Ensemble of the Peking Opera, en:Guillaume Coutu Dumont, en:La Única Internacional Sonora Santanera, en:DeMUG Baroque Ensemble, en:Elena Makhnev, en:Son de Montón

in Spanish: es:Festival Internacional Cervantino, es:Ballet Nacional de Canadá, es:Sankai Juku, es:Knut Reiersrud, es:Åke Parmerud, es:Vivarium Studio, es:Ballet Mexcaltitán, es:Camerata de Oslo, es:Mari Boine, es:Antonio Salinas, es:El arte de variedad chino, es:Vivarium Studio, es:Circo Aereo, es:Les Objets Volants, es:Hugo Ticciati, es:Voces de Cambio

To look for more information and/or donations of images, we have contacted: en:CONACULTA, the Festival organizers, Aajej, Circo Aereo, Hugo Ticciati, Rubik, BAYLIN Artists Management, Armonicus Cuatro, Wikimedia UK and the embassies of Finland, Norway and Sweden in Mexico

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Images donated and uploaded

  • Emplume [1] Thanks to Itzel Polin
  • Pierre Dørge and the New Jungle Orchestra [2] Thanks to Itzel Ruiz


  1. Thelmadatter
  2. ItzelP
  3. Diego Adame
  4. Sheila Piña
  5. Tlilmiztli
  6. AndiieVga
  7. Tarssis Dessavre
  8. Gangales22
  9. PaolaHong
  10. Reyes richie

Edit-a-thon with Children's Museum of Indianapolis edit

Students working on articles at the edit-a-thon
View of Lori Phillips and Angie McNew via Skype

On 20 August 2011, 12 members of Club Wikipedia worked on translations of various articles related to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis while connected to their concurrent edit-a-thon via Skype. The articles we translated are: [:es:Carrusel de Broad Ripple Park]] es:Bucky (Tiranosaurio Rex) es:Locomotora Reuben Wells es:Fuegos Artificiales de Vidrio (escultura) es:Reloj de Agua (Indianápolis) es:Cañón del Capitán Kidd