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Advice neededEdit

Hi Pine, I need some advice please. I recently ran a project for Wikimedia Australia to generate some interest in the university sector - Wikipedia training day, Bendigo Victoria. As a follow up one of the participants is creating a project page. This is currently housed on her Wikipedia user page, but looking at the page and what she is trying to do, I wonder if it would be better here. Knowing that you are active on both Wikipedia and Outreach, would you be able to have a look and let me know your opinion? Sorry, was not logged in, have done so and added signature. --Peterdownunder (talk) 08:11, 3 April 2013 (UTC)

Hi, yes I think that page would be a good fit for the Outreach wiki although keeping it on English Wikipedia is also ok. I think it would be preferable to have the page on Outreach so it's more visible to participants and organizers from other outreach programs who may be interested in seeing what projects have been done elsewhere. --Pine 17:19, 4 April 2013 (UTC)

WikiArS and the English Wikipedia Graphics LabEdit

Hi Pine, thanks for your message. I know Graphics Lab but I wanna to know more deeply to recommend to the schools of art. The idea of the WikiArS assignments is a bit different from graphic labs, these are images that needs an expert to give orientations to the students and to check the image before uploading. But yes, are neighbor ideas and I'll take in account ways of relation between it. --Dvdgmz (talk) 16:38, 4 October 2013 (UTC)

Belfer Center fiascoEdit

Why are you expressing so much concern about "not outing people's pseudonymous accounts here"? As far as I can tell, no such outing has taken place on the Belfer Center WiR postmortem page. I suppose you're talking about the comments made on the associated Talk page, about Wikipedia users Jruggie (who edited about John Ruggie) and Cmejia.botero (who also edited about John Ruggie, who in real life works at the same employer as Carmen Mejia. I personally wouldn't have a problem with those "outing" attempts to be removed from the Talk page. But what's really the crux of contention on the postmortem page is that Wikimedia Foundation trustees, former staff, and program affiliates are trying to hide information about the Belfer Center's and the Wikimedia Foundation's various conflicts of interest. It looks terrible for any organization that professes to honor openness and transparency. - 2601:B:BB80:E0:6D9B:C6AC:7F03:36B2 10:49, 17 April 2014 (UTC)

The consensus is that the comments on the talk page about the Jruggie and Cmejia.botero accounts can remain public. Those users seem to have made no attempt to conceal their identities. As you say, the Belfer affair in general should never have happened and I think WMF agrees. You can discuss your thoughts about the Belfer Center and the Wikimedia Foundation's possible conflicts of interest on the Belfer report's talk page. --Pine 22:51, 18 April 2014 (UTC)