Account Creation Improvement Project/Testing content/Landing page/Did you know version

Welcome to Wikipedia, §1!

Now you have your own user account. We are glad to have you aboard. But to really be a part of Wikipedia, you need to start editing the articles. In fact, we won't even count you as a Wikipedian until you've made 10 edits.
This is how easy you can do that:
  • find an article that you want to contribute to.
If you don't know where to start, here are some suggestions.
  • click "edit" at the top of the article
  • make your changes in the edit box. There may be some strange signs, but here is the key to them. And there are some policies you should be aware of.
  • click "save page" below the edit box. Now, you're done and the page is updated immediately!
Remember, every edit you make are checked by volunteers. If your edit is reverted, you can ask for help here.

Happy editing!