Account Creation Improvement Project/Testing content/Tabs

This is the space to develop the tabs for Lennart's proposal.

Template:New user bar edit

  Link 1   Link 2   Link 3   Link 4  

Development edit

We can tinker a little bit with the design, but the main thing to focus on is what tabs to have and to create those tabs.

Most of these subpages will be the same for every new user. But to make each user's user page link to individual sub pages, we can use the same model as in the (now no longer used) Template:Bookshelf/Education/Feedback with Magic words such as {{PAGENAME}}. (You can for example link to the talk page by writing [[Talk:{{PAGENAME}}]] (like this).

How do you link to an individual sandbox?

Rationale edit

  • This tab bar can serve as a reminder on the user page on the things we want to educate them about, without taking up the whole page.
  • By adding this as a template instead of full text, we make it almost invisible for the new user.

Notes edit

These tabs should contain several ways to enter the community, not to give them a lot of policies to read. So a few examples could be:

  1. this is how you join a WikiProject
  2. this is who you contact
  3. "I want to do this. How do I do that?"
  4. Adopt-a-user
  5. own sub-page sandbox
  6. Own user page

Version 1 edit

  My user page   Help   Find a project to work on   Get a mentor