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General program informationEdit

  • Event start date- 22 November 2018
  • Event end date-

Education metricsEdit

  • Number of instructors: 4
  • Number of instructor editors:
  • Number of students: 45
  • Number of volunteers:1
  • Number of admins/sysops:2
  • Number of classes:
  • Number of faculties:

Global metricsEdit

  • Number of active editors involved :
  • Number of newly registered users  :
  • Number of individuals involved  :
  • Number of media files uploaded:
  • Number of articles created or improved:
  • Number of bytes added/deleted

Diversity metricsEdit

  • Number of female instructors :
  • Number of female students :
  • Number of female program volunteers :
  • Number of female program leaders :

Other learningEdit