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Online Course Badges - Wikimedia Education Project Planning

The Wikimedia Education Project Management online course is a co-learning experience that seeks to equip Wikimedians with the skills, knowledge and support they need to bring their ideas to life and scale them into high-impact education initiatives in their communities. It supports program leaders to structure their activities on the idea of knowledge equity, considering the challenges and opportunities of their Wikimedia community and their local education contexts.

This online course is comprised of three content units covering an equivalent of 65+ hours of instruction. Receiving a unit badge indicates the completion of all required course activities, such as: forum discussions, lesson summaries, quizzes, interviews, written assignments, among others. It also demonstrates adhesion to the code of conduct of the online course.

Unit 1 - Creating social change in education through the Open Knowledge movement
The holder of this badge has completed Unit 1 of the online course and is able to:
  • Explain global goals for education (SDG 4) and identify learning outcomes that can result from engaging
    with Wikimedia.
  • Evaluate local school contexts and advocate for the value of Wikimedia in education to teachers and
    school administrators.
  • Create action plans for workshops and training programs that respond to contextual needs and
  • Develop strategies and tools to engage local and global Wikimedia communities with their education

Unit 2 - Basic project management for Wikimedia & Education
The holder of this badge has completed Unit 2 of the online course and is able to:
  • Explain the importance of needs assessments in project planning and evaluation.
  • Design a logic model for a Wikimedia education initiative.
  • Identify levels of influence between stakeholders and project leaders as a basis for strategic partnerships.
  • Create a simple budget for a Wikimedia education initiative.
  • Identify the elements of a successful grant proposal.

Unit 3 - Monitoring, Evaluation, and Advocacy for Wikimedia & Education Projects
The holder of this badge has completed Unit 3 of the online course and is able to:
  • Monitor the development of their project and identify course correction measures.
  • Identify strategies to advocate for the value of their Wikimedia education projects to different audiences.
  • Use impact evaluation strategies and tools to assess the changes resulted from their project.
  • Create compelling case studies about their Wikimedia education projects.

For more information regarding these badges and their award process and conditions, please contact mguadalupe

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