Education/News/November 2018/Welcome Melissa to the Education Team

Welcoming Melissa Guadalupe Huertas to the Education Team edit

Author: NSaad (WMF) (talk)

Dear Wikimedia & Education community,

I’m so excited to welcome Melissa Guadalupe Huertas as the newest member of the Education Team in the role of Education Program Officer. Melissa will be supporting the team by developing resources and strategies that help integrate the Wikimedia projects into classroom learning, specifically focused on underrepresented communities.

Melissa in her own words:

Hola! I’m so excited to be joining you all in the Wikimedia Foundation! I feel really honored to be part of an organization that is transforming the world through its commitment to equitable access and production of knowledge. I see many of my professional and personal values reflected in the Wikimedia movement, particularly the importance of lifting up the voices of underrepresented communities to achieve true education equity. I’m really looking forward to working as the new Program Officer in the Education Team!

I recently returned home to Peru after spending a year working towards my MA at University College London where I explored the intersection of the fields of education, gender equality, and international development. My previous work experiences have involved managing diverse education and development programs in Ecuador, Panama and Peru, both in urban and rural communities. These experiences taught me a lot about the power of collaboration and finding innovative ways to deliver quality education that positively impacts the future of communities worldwide. This is basically what motivated me to join this movement!

When I’m not working you can find me hiding behind a book (and every now and then re-reading Harry Potter or The Sandman series) or doodling in my sketchbook outdoors. I’m a big big fan of spontaneous day trips and exploring the world, so if you have any tips on cities/islands/mountains I should check out, do let me know. I look forward to connecting with you to learn and work together!

Please join me in welcoming Melissa to the foundation! You can reach out directly here, over email, or on her talk page.