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Education at WMCON17 edit

Summary: WMCON17 attendees from the Education community share their highlights!

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Putting faces to names and usernames edit

Nichole Saad

It was so nice to meet those of you in person that I have only interacted with virtually. I was inspired by your passion and commitment, and especially by the emphasis placed on education in the strategy sessions.

Wiki Ed learning and sharing edit

LiAnna Davis

I participated in the Wikimedia Conference 2017 tracks aimed at building program capacity and learning from partnerships. For me, the best part of the conference was collaborating with other program leaders working at the intersection of Wikipedia and education worldwide. It’s a really good opportunity to learn about new programs and new ideas, understand best practices for a variety of contexts, and likewise share our own learnings and the work we’ve been doing. I joined members of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative to share our collected knowledge and experiences, including leading a discussion workshop on thinking about program impact and leading an impromptu session on how to use the Programs & Events Dashboard, a version of Wiki Ed’s Dashboard software available for program leaders and event organizers anywhere.

Of course, the structured conference presentations are only some of what you get from events like this. Hallway conversations, informal meet-ups, and meals provided great opportunities to talk with others in the broader Wikimedia community. These conversations were invaluable to us as we embark on our own annual planning process for Wiki Ed. A huge thank you to everyone we interacted with who made the conference so meaningful for Frank and me, and a special thank you to Wikimedia Deutschland for their excellent conference organization skills. We look forward to collaborating more with the global community at Wikimania 2017.

(adapted from my blog post)

Great potential for collaboration and learning from East and South East Asia regarding Education Program edit

Liang-chih ShangKuan

It was really an extraordinary experience for the past 5 days event. I am deeply appreciated that Vahid, Michal, and Anna host the inspiring track in the pre-conference for show-case the education practice with Wikipedia around the world. I was exciting by the potential application of Education programs in the Regional meetup. There are university faculties and also longterm volunteers in local region such as Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia shows some interests. I remember I introduce PEG dashboard to the Japanese and Brazilian community, I shall give them some follow up on whether they need help. It is a good heads-up that WikiEd foundation is joining this year, the help brought by Ross for localization is really considerate. Also, the chat on how education program in Wikipedia has developed and will do in the future with Shani was also inspiring at the last night. I am really glad I was a part of the conference and I am really looking forward to the path of realizing our idea together.

Great meeting some of the members of the Wikipedia Education Program and getting help on running our program edit

Justice Okai-Allotey

Prior to coming to the WMCON 17 I was in a fix about the next steps to take as a program leader, leading the first Wikipedia Education Program for the Wikimedia Ghana User Group, after meetings with Vahid I got a clearer understanding of what next steps we should take and also support from Tighe Flanagan through emails also helped me in what I needed to do next.