Education/Newsletter/February 2015/Greek adult school starts a project on writing articles in Wikipedia

Skype call with Anna Koval, Wikipedia Education Program Manager.

By Marios Magioladitis (Wikimedia Community User Group Greece)

Snippet: Long-time Wikimedian/educator begins a pilot project on writing Wikipedia articles with adult school students.

The Second Chance School for Adults in Corfu, Greece started a new project to write articles in Greek Wikipedia. It was presented in the Greek school network. The pilot kicked off with a Skype call with Anna Koval, Wikipedia Education Program Manager, who talked to the students about the Wikipedia Education Program and editing Wikipedia.

Approximately 15 students will start editing, in both Greek and English, about the villages of Corfu where they live. They will create new articles for villages that has no article on Wikipedia as well as improving existing ones. They will also take a Wikiexpedition to the villages that they're writing about to take photographs for Wikimedia Commons and to collect source information. Students' contributions will be aggregated on the course page using the Education Program Extension.

The pilot is being led and the class is being taught by long-time Wikimedian and educator Marios Magioladitis, who has been using Wikipedia as a educational tool in adult education for the past few years. He is partnering with a language teacher at the school, who corrects the students' writing (syntax and grammar).

This pilot education program will be evaluated by surveys and personal interviews and will be presented in education conferences next year. The results of this education program will be compared to a similar program organised by educator Kostas Skiadopoulos from Kastellani, a Middle School in Corfu, Greece.

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Greece here.