Education/Newsletter/January 2015/Young Czech scientists upload pictures at Fluorescent Night

By Vojtěch Dostál (Wikimedia Czech Republic)

Young scientists learn how to upload their pictures to Wikimedia Commons
Cross-section through a stem, fluorescent microscopy

Snippet: Young Czech scientists upload microscopic images during a workshop in Prague.

A unique uploading session took place on 24 January 2015 in Prague on the premises of the Faculty of Science at Charles University. "Fluorescent Night" is a geeky biannual event during which high-school students from all over the Czech Republic gather for a weekend and learn about biology, regularly using a fluorescence microscope. Such a microscope allows the acquisition of scientifically valuable information and it is also very educative and generates truly beautiful pictures. Thanks to the unique properties of plant and animal bodies, fine details of the samples can sometimes stand out as differently coloured.

While former sessions were aimed at the participants themselves, this time we wanted them to share their results with the world. Eleven participants of the Fluorescent Night created their own personal Wikipedia accounts and learned to upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons. Some of them even added pictures to corresponding articles on the Czech Wikipedia. The full list of participants is available on the course page, and the pictures they uploaded can be browsed in this category.

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