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Czech Education program concentrates on collaboration with Czech universities and secondary schools (Students Write Wikipedia), seniors and senior centres (Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia), but the list of collaborating institutions is much wider and includes various clubs, professional organizations, companies or institutions of the government or cultural institutions.

Students write Wikipedia is a Czech program that seeks cooperation with schools to help create and improve specialized articles on Czech Wikipedia. Our initiative is part of the Wikipedia Education Program of Wikimedia Foundation, an association of ambassador programs from all over the world, from India and USA to Egypt and Italy. University students constitute a great amount of energy and fairly good acquaintance in the subject they study. It is very beneficial for Wikipedia to engage students in improving it, teaching them to write specialized articles and thus enrich not only Wikipedia, but also the school lectures and, crucially, provide students with skills that will never be forgotten.

Ambassador is how we call a person who mediates communication between the school and Wikipedia and prepares a cooperation project. Members of our ambassador team are Wikipedians and/or members of Wikimedia Czech Republic. We work in three major Czech cities: Prague, Brno, and Olomouc, more projects are being prepared right now.

Primary Contacts


EDU team


Lucie Schubert - Head of Education Team - lucie.schubert

Jan Sýkora - Education Team Officer - jan.sykora

Pavel Bednařík - Chief Trainer - pavel.bednarik

Student program


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Senior program


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Masaryk University program


Marek Blahuš, Member of Wikimedia Czech Republic and Wikipedian in Residence at Masaryk University. Program management.

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  Partnership website (in Czech language, English summary)
  WikiProject at Czech Wikipedia (in Czech language)

Program Description


Students write Wikipedia (Studenti píší Wikipedii)


This is a Czech program which works with schools in the development and improvement of encyclopedic entries on the Czech Wikipedia. Members of our team are Wikipedians or the Wikimedia Czech Republic and we have been collaborating with universities in Prague, Olomouc and Brno, as well as in some other smaller cities in the Czech Republic.

  • Teach students to write specialized encyclopedic articles
  • Enrich both Wikipedia and school hours
  • Introduce hundreds or thousands of young people and teachers to Wikipedia
  • Find new Wikipedians to enrich the group of current editors of Wikipedia.
  • "Ambassador" is our concept of a designation for a person who facilitates communication between Wikipedia and any educational institution and builds cooperation between them.
  • Teachers develop (together with Wikipedians) list of articles from which each student selects one such article and the available resources to it.
  • Teachers will generally see the Wikipedia article as an equivalent to a term paper and articles should therefore become a condition for granting credit to the students.

Seniors write Wikipedia (Senioři píší Wikipedii)


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Masaryk University Wikipedians (Tým Wikipedie Masarykovy univerzity)


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