Education/Newsletter/March 2016/Czech education program turns professional with a new education manager

Gabriela Boková

By Vojtěch Dostál (Wikimedia Czech Republic)

Snippet: Gabriela Boková becomes the new education manager of Wikimedia Czech Republic, responsible for university education program and courses for seniors.

Wikimedia Czech Republic has selected Gabriela Boková to lead the professionalization of the Czech education program in 2016 (see official blog post in Czech). The sustainability of the volunteer-led management was untenable after we have gradually started collaboration with dozens of Czech professors teaching with Wikipedia and also recruited more than 100 Czech seniors to start contributing to Wikipedia. This does not mean that volunteers will be out of the process - on the contrary, they will be vital in guiding the new employee, sharing their experience and helping to lead Wikipedia courses in class. However, the manager will take over the leadership, administrative work, reporting and also, increasingly, also strategic planning and project development. Awakening the small pool of potential tutors of Wikipedia will be one of her top-priority goals.

Gabriela has significant experience in project management and community management in both, companies and NGOs, including education projects. She started the Youth for You(th) festival in Brno in 2011, was a volunteer for YMCA Brno, TEDx Prague and worked for Impact Hub as a community manager. We value her project management skills and hope she will enjoy the diverse, enthusiastic and a bit chaotic Wikimedia community and become part of it.

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