Education/Newsletter/March 2016/Teacher celebrated for excellent pedagogy with Wikipedia

By Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)

Snippet: Teacher in Sweden receives prize for Wikipedia project with students.

Teacher Gunnel Thydell is awarded quality prize for her Wikipedia project.

About a year ago, secondary school teacher Gunnel Thydell completed her first course in the Wikipedia Education Program as an instructor. Her 27 students did a great job. She attributed their success to the help of Wikipedia Ambassador Jonatan Svensson Glad and to the librarians supporting the class with resources from the school library. At this point, Gunnel was one of the first course instructors to make use of the Education Program Extension on Swedish Wikipedia. This tool allowed her to manage and monitor students' progress from the course page.

The effort that Gunnel and her students put into the Wikipedia project were noticed by the administrators at the school district. In late 2015, Gunnel was selected as one of the recipients of the Quality Prize for Excellent Pedagogical Projects. The project was named: Students write Wikipedia - how to develop research skills. In February 2016, the prize ceremony was held at the town hall of the Nacka municipality.

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