Education/Newsletter/October 2014/Education Program Extension enabled on Dutch Wikipedia

By Romaine

Snippet: Dutch Wikipedia becomes the 11th Wikipedia to enable the Education Program MediaWiki extension.

Education Program Extension on

In March 2014, the Education Program Extension was installed on Dutch Wikipedia. The Education Program Extension was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation to assist educators and Wikimedians in their joint efforts to support classes of students editing articles on Wikipedia. It is currently enabled on 15 Wikimedia projects: 13 language versions of Wikipedia and on 2 other Wikimedia projects, including English Wikinews and German Wikiversity.

This extension can be used for all kinds of courses, varying from short event like edit-a-thons to longer academic courses. Several volunteers are currently writing documentation for future users of the extension and their specific roles (teacher, student, etc.). Currently Wikimedia Netherlands is studying how to set up a programme together with educational institutions. In the meanwhile, the extension is already been used for edit-a-thons.

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in the Netherlands here.