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Hello everybody and welcome to this month's edition of This Month in GLAM! In this edition we've got an interesting article on the Backstage Pass event at Derby Museums, as well as information on the upcoming residencies and events.

Come and meet us!

By Rock drum
Write and tell us what you think of This Month in GLAM and the GLAM project in general.

As well as that, this month the TMIG team are going to be attending GLAMcamp NYC so if you see us, be sure to say hi!

As with last month, we'd like to hear what you think of what's going on in the GLAM-Wikimedia world and our coverage of it, so please send your "Letters to the editor" to thismonthinglam﹫ (you can use this link) or add them at GLAM/Newsletter/Suggestions (but remember to add 'letter' in the heading), for a chance of getting them published in next month's edition.

Happy editing,
Rock drum

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