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Hi, I'm Rock drum. I'm a Bureaucrat here as well as an Online Ambassador (although I'm not too active on that front) so feel free to ask me about the wiki. At the moment I'm mainly working on the GLAM section and am the editor of This Month in GLAM, the monthly newsletter for/by the Wikimedia-GLAM community. The userboxes on the right pretty much spell out my skills (or lack of them, as the case may be) . I do log onto this wiki often, so feel free to leave me a message here.

Tasks edit

This is a list of tasks for me to do. If you can help out I'd be much obliged.

  1. Update GLAM/Newsletter/Resources.
  2. Create "by-country" archives for This Month in GLAM.
  3. Find a way of incorporating headlines into the message sent to talk pages as part of This Month in GLAM publication.  Y Found a version which works well.
  4. Have the TMIG logo nest next to the issue number/month.
  5. Redesign front page. Something like: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost?
  6. Collaboration of the month? Translation of the month?