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By Rock drum

Sidebars and internationalisation

New sidebars

Wow! Subtitles!
This is a sidebar
This space can be used for various things including:
  • Lists
  • Mini-interviews
  • FAQs
  • Timelines
  • An extra couple of paragraphs on the article's topic.
It's got a footer and everything!

This month we've implemented a new sidebar function. This allows us to get more information into the newsletter in a easy-to-digest, nice-looking way. You can see examples of the sidebars use in this month's edition in the UK report.

Non English-speaking world


This Month in GLAM has to cater for the Wikimedia-GLAM community, which - as many of us have found during our attendance of events - spans the whole of the globe. We want the newsletter to include stories from your GLAM projects, wherever they are in the world.

The newsletter is written by the community, for the community, but we need your help. Please send your stories, links and information about GLAM activities from all around the world. Please either be bold and create the article yourself, or just add a suggestion on the tips desk.

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