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Hi all, and welcome to another edition of This Month in GLAM, the monthly newsletter for the GLAM-Wikimedia community. So much has happened since the last edition, what with the GLAM Ambassador Steering Committee starting up, the GLAM-Wiki conference in Barcelona, the first official GLAM ambassador and much more. This month we're incidentally starting a new feature: the event calendar. Here you will find a list of all the events happening next month, so if they're any in your area, you can go check them out.

Call to action and request

By Rock drum and Witty lama

Something else we're hoping to start up next month is a "letters to the editors" section, where you can voice your opinion on what is happening in the GLAM-Wikimedia world and our coverage of it. Please send your letters to thismonthinglam﹫ (you can use this link) or add them at GLAM/Newsletter/Suggestions/Letters.

Happy editing,
Rock drum and Witty lama

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