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NavWiki Additional Materials

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Short introduction to NavWiki edit

Who can use NavWiki? edit

NavWiki is designed for people who want to contribute to Wikipedia and are not part of a formal group such as a GLAM program or education program. Formal groups often have their own ways of training new users. However, NavWiki products may be helpful to these people also!

Gallery of possible use cases: education programs, GLAMs, workshops, and editathons edit

What is the format? edit

NavWiki is designed in modules. These usually include short videos and some "additional materials". The main modules page can be accessed by clicking the "Published Modules" link that is near the top of this window. A video may refer you to the "Additional Materials" page to get information that is in addition to what you learn from the video.

How can I start? edit

Click the "Published Modules" link that is near the top of this window, and select the module that you want to complete!