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Partners edit

You might also like joining Edu-Program South Africa, see Program members page.

All South African educational institutions are invited to come and set new program schedules, monthly newsletter, articles that need to be improved, training for the students, for the Program. Come and help the project to reach the wikipedia standard. Your ideas will be appreciated.

Feel free edit

SOSA was made to help other users and new welcomers to contribute using technical skills.

Members edit

Add your name by simply signing on members page

Members userbox edit

Member's userbox has been created for organization's members, and members may displays this userbox on their user pages to show off their membership.

Enter this code:

{{Template:Student Organization Userbox/South Africa}}

Which will produce:

This user is a member of SOSA

Rewards edit

There are special Barnstar to be awarded to every new member signing with this organization.

Recruite members from social media edit

Visit ShareRoom to share your thoughts about the organization. Ras Benjih/RasTalk 04:10, 16 January 2016 (UTC)Reply

Mailing edit

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