Educational Program

Edu-Program South Africa


  • ;Newcomers # Training will be provided for new comers.
  • ;Students # Training will be provided for students.

Interested wiki's may contact one another on our Edu-Program discussion page


  • Skills improvement
  • How to improve the the Program to meet wikipedia standard
  • Articles that need an improvement
  • How to choose between good bad article
The Education Program South Africa'

Join Education Portal/Program Plans/South Africa on [Meta:Education Portal/Program Plans/South Africa].

All South African educational institutions are invited to set new program schedules, monthly newsletter, articles that need to be improved, training for the students. Come and help the project to reach the wikipedia standard. Your ideas will be appreciated.

Education plans for editors has been setup,

follow the link to help us expanding the project.

 Education Portal/Program Plans/South Africa



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A Special Barnstars


There would be a special barnstar that will be awarded to our new members.

Your voluntarily will be highly appreciated

Student Organizations/South Africa

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