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Our username policy

Do not use a username that is promotional, misleading, or offensive.
  • promotional usernames:
    • containing existing company, organization, group, or website names (including non-profit organizations)
    • containing domain names or email addresses
  • misleading usernames:
    • close to names of celebrities, notable world figures or events, or known Wikipedians
    • containing words like "bot" or "script" which refer to automated editing processes
    • containing titles like "admin" or "sysop", which imply authority on Wikipedia
  • offensive usernames

For technical reasons, a username cannot include the #, / and \ symbols. Any underscores will be converted to spaces. The first letter of a username is automatically capitalized.

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  1. Enter the wavy words that appear below in the box, without any spaces, to prove that you're a human.
  2. Pick a unique username that isn't promotional, misleading, or offensive. (see the pros and cons of using your real name)
  3. For your own security, choose a strong password that would be difficult to guess. (learn about using strong passwords)
  4. In case you lose your password, it's a good idea to enter your email address.
  5. Finally, simply click the "Create Account" button.