File:Olenka Fawkes
So that you get who I am

I'm not putting a picture of me up.

I'm a 20 year old student with a preference for tea (ha, so THERE's the gifting page! Be a gift, kitten), and an interest in psychology, anthropology, and gender-related studies. I have a varied interest in how my studies intersect with each other, and how I can learn more about these interconnections. I'm at Mount Allison University because it's within the Maratimes (my home!), close to my sister's school, and a university with a good reputation in many fields.

I am interesting in working on subjects such as environment as it relates to gender, coastal areas or regions, differences between coastal regions and landlocked areas (Maratimes vs. everyone else), or on a subject that I have never considered studying in depth before.

Cheers! Olenka Fawkes (not my actual name, obviously).