Emman Ramirez
Volunteer, Project Manager, Wikimedia Philippines, Inc.
"If you have an idea and you have a plan on how to execute it, then lets make it happen."

About me

I am a volunteer project manager for Wikimedia Philippines, Inc. Outside Wikimedia, I am a Sr. Analyst for Finance and Risk Management for a renewable energy company. Prior to this I was working for an American investment bank for four years, and an American cargo airline company for 3 years. If i'm not at work and I am not doing Wiki stuff, i am probably traveling somewhere in the country or in another country haha. I am for the protection of the environment (my reason for moving to a renewable energy company) and I am for the preservation of our heritage (my reason for being a part of Wikimedia).

My work

I was assigned to be the GLAM project manager and since then, I have been in constant contact with different GLAM institutions, government agencies and universities to make GLAM Wiki Philippines a success. My personal goal is to see more Philippine cultural institutions open their doors to us and share wonderful images of their collections to our global platform.

Contact me

I am busy in real life and I may not be able to respond quickly. For urgent matters, its best to send me an email or tweet: